Wednesday, May 2, 2012

things that make you go boom...

Now, I am sure this concept is not new to anyone. We have all seen images and drawings of deconstructed bike parts, electronics, etc. Flowers (as you know, my favorite thing) not so much.  In come Qi Wei Fong.  This guy is a self taught photographer working on what could be (and let’s hope so) an endless series of disassembled flower varieties.  The fun part here: (Mom, you will like this) figuring out what variety each flower is. A potpourri of sorts. (See more images here).


1.  carnation
2.  dahlia
3.  eustoma
4.  sunflower
5.  orange gerbera
6.  gerbera
7.  lotus
8.  hydrangea
9.  gloxinia
10.  lily

Oh yeah- a special shout out to because i'm addicted to opening my eyes to these lovelies.

So, how many did you know? 
Games are always a good way to keep it real on a rainy day in NYC.


  1. What will be the next new thing! Really cool...where do you find this stuff?
    Been working with all the real thing this week and hoping it will live thru the summer. It has to be 95 here today! Love u

    1. All. over. the. place. Many, many hours of research. however, id rather be gardening.

      Love you.


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