Tuesday, May 8, 2012

millinery: justin smith esquire


When I was younger I always played dress up (yes, I was born a fashionista).  My mom would get so frustrated with me because I was known to change four or five times over the course of one day (should I be ashamed to say I still do this from time to time?).  I loved fancy costumes and dresses but maybe most of all, hats.  My family referred to me as “the hat girl”- which considering my tumultuous and often untamed, curly hair was a blessing.  These days, I still have a strong appreciation for a great hat but find myself more self conscience when it comes to head wear (no, not a standard beanie or baseball cap) I’m talking a real hats: a pillbox, a cloche, a bowler, etc. I need to change this.  A hat can transform an outfit from blah to viola!

Hats, like most accessories gain and loose popularity based on seasons, climate and/or popular hairstyles of the time.  Up until the 40’s and 50’s, however, men and women would not leave the house without a headdress.  Nowadays, hats tend to draw major attention, and therefore require major confidence.

Millinery is an age old craft that is based on technique craftsmanship and tradition, but nonetheless seems to be becoming a dying art.  Thank god for Justin Smith Esquire, who began making headgear in 2000 and has established himself as one of the most avant-garde milliner of our time.  Above are some of his amazing designs from his S/S 2012 collections.  

Let’s reinstitute millinery and hat wearing today!

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