Wednesday, February 29, 2012

metal: anndra neen

The past three weeks have been soooo hectic in my world. I have had something to do nearly every night of the week and I am so tired!  I will fill my weekend with some much needed exercise, crafts, and cleaning- but most of all, sleep- and I cant WAIT! I am looking forward to a very low key weekend as next week is our accessories market week and we will be crazy at the office and will most likely have to pull late nights all week long…  Can’t a girl get a break?  Speaking of accessories, check out these amazing metal pieces from jewelry and accessories designer Anndra Neen. This sister team originated in 2009 and hails from Mexico City and now collaborate here in the great city of NY.  

Have a happy hump day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

remembering charleston.

Monday again already? Time seems to fly when you are having fun, huh? This weekend was kind of weird because I ran into so many people I went to school with in Charleston.  Friday I had dinner with my friend Kara (freshman dorm mate and longtime bff)- we met at her gallery and had some vino before our delicious fondue with truffle oil at CafĂ© Select in Soho.  Randomly enough, at the table next to us was a girl our age who also graduated from CofC -a fact that we may have never realized if they had not asked us how our food was …  Then we went on to meet up with Tommy- ANOTHER friend from our college days- and watched him perform an awesome stand-up set.  Kara and I were laughing our asses off all night long about Tommy, and old memories, funny drunk thoughts, etc.  Then get this- I wandered in to Lobos in Park Slope for a late lunch yesterday and sat at the bar (with my Clemson hat on) and this guy next to me asked me if I went to College of Charleston- turns out he used to deliver pizza from Gilroy’s on King street and now works in the city as a lawyer.  Such a small world finding all these people from our little city in South Carolina up here in the big apple!  Also makes me miss my old Chucktown crew, the places we used to hang out, and people I am sure I will never see again (my old roomie, Fallon).  College of Charleston: a school with over 14,000 people enrolled when I was going there- and well over a two handfuls of them that I know now live in the NYC. Crazy. I think I will have to make a trip back this summer. Definitely on the agenda.

Some of my fondest memories of my second favorite peninsula:
The crows nest at the Wentworth Mansion
Keg parties at my old apt on Saint Phillip Street
The Washout (and Burt’s Market, of course)
Bike riding along the battery
Throwing the football at Marion Square

I LOVE THIS HOUSE- I used to tell tourists I lived there.... Oh- and its for sale! 6,400,000.
19 East Battery.
In desperate need of some warm weather....

Friday, February 24, 2012

paris york

Check out these graphic juxtapose images comparing NYC and Paris by Vahram Muratyan. Ah Paris, oui oui.  Lately I have been thinking I need to expand culturally and really want to start taking French classes. I mean, I should know another language, right- and what better language to know than French? So, I am looking into classes that begin in March and hopefully will know it by summer! Any French speaking people hit me up so I can practice, especially cute boys J

avoir un excellent week-end

Thursday, February 23, 2012

arian behzadi

Biological Science major and part-time artist Arian Behzadi has created these mysterious collages out of random images that he finds in old books and paints on them. Love. Check out his Flickr here.