Wednesday, May 23, 2012

make-over or make-under?

StyleCaster used to be a site where you can go on any day and get outfit inspiration based on the weather outside and where you are heading.  If you are going to work and its raining then you should wear this or that and then gave links for how to buy.  Now, I would not say this is/was a site I visited regularly, but it was good if you were in a rut and needed ideas.  Well, they have had a little make over.  No longer does StyleCaster have anything to do with the weather as the domain name would lead you to believe. Now its more of a pinterest for fashion along with articles, how-tos, etc.  I personally have not decided if these changes make me happy, or if the sites "user-friendliness" is worth the trouble.  I did find some images from their feed that I thought were worth sharing.  Why don’t you head over and make your own judgments?


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