Friday, August 31, 2012

bad ass black milk

Graphic leggings from Black Milk Clothing.
Happy looooong weekend everyone!  Love having something to look forward too.  Jade and I are heading to the skate park after this short workday and then- who knows? Sky's the limit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

calm and collected

Cool and calm 68 degrees on my walk to work this morning.  A preview to the cool weather about to breeze through and bring Fall with it.  My office has also dubbed today as "classical Wednesday" so today's overall vibe is relaxed and collected.  As much as a I love summer, this seems to be a season of change and I am looking forward to some gradual metamorphosis.  Elle Mexico has represented todays feel nicely in their September issue found on FGR.

To violins, pianos and temperate weather, ahhh yes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

food in form


What do anchovies, bib lettuce, walnuts and citrus slices have to do with Prada, McQueen, and Vuitton?  Dresses of course! Remember here when I posted about edible bikes? This wearable food clothing seems to be trending in a big way… Garage magazine presents these food in form dresses, designed by the designers themselves.

Images from Trendland

Monday, August 27, 2012

back in action

GIF from ffffound
Ok, ok, I know- I have totally been slack about updates.  Mostly contributed to the fact that last week I began a new job which has kept my research to a minimum and my brain extremely over-active.  Not that I am complaining.  Being out of work (even if it is only for three weeks) is exhausting!  Soooo if you are wondering what I have been up to since I left the jewelry biz here goes.  I have gotten a job at a major music label working to develop new product for musicians.  The official merchandise sold on the artist tour, yup- that's what I will be developing.  I will also be working on the artist's web store to create bundles and merch for online sales.  Exciting stuff, I know.  Thus far I am in charge of about 10 artists, and its only been a week!  The work is very fast paced, more so than what I am used to as most of the production is done domestically on a very short timeline. Go USA!

I never imagined myself in the music industry, but I must say it is going swimmingly. My co-workers seem to appreciate my idiosyncrasies and I feel I can truly be myself, and enjoy my job- does it get any better than that? 

Hopefully now I will be a little bit more on track.

Friday, August 17, 2012

rock-n-roll in jeans

So ready for my rock-n-roll gig on Monday-  I have been thinking about going in a whole new direction in terms of style from my last job.  Hey- the spirit of the times is making its mark- the zeitgeist is a powerful thing- so adjust!  ShopBop pretty much nailed it for the Fall jean look I am going for. Thanks for the ideas- and shop the looks at ShopBop.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

double exposed

Matt Wisniewski is quite talented at layering images to create these beautifully serene portraits.  By day, Matt works as a web developer.  By night, he manipulates images into poetic experimental collages.  What do you think? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

video: floral galore

Have you ever seen so many flowers before? I dont think I have and certainly not that many lining the walls of Parisian mansion to debut Dior's couture collection.  Awesome.

feeling 15 again

Petra Collins has been responsible for a couple of Urban Outfitter's summer look books .  At the ripe age of 19, she has also shown her work in Oyster, Vice and Garage Magazines.  Her photographs highlight teenage girls and pure innocence.  I also love the inserted doodles, truly feels like the teen years.  I believe we will be seeing more of Collins in the future.