Tuesday, May 1, 2012

stockholm syndrome

So rarely I find things in magazines and actually take the time to look up (thank god to the creation of the iPad as this will eventually eliminate this problem) but p.s. I still like a legit magazine from time to time. This being said, I have among a million tears of clothing/bands/movies all ripped out with the very good intention of researching them but inevitably end up sitting among piles on my bookshelf.  Years pass and I unfold these little gems and wish I had discovered them earlier!  Since I am trying to keep ahead of the curve- I have promised myself to be more diligent about this initial research phase so that I may share it with you first- before the rest of the world is in the know… In the May edition of Marie Claire, I came across some brands that looked interesting- so I thought I would do the leg work.   Those sweds seem to know what they are doing….

See by Us: Thankfully I do not yet have to wear reading glasses- but LOOK Mom and Dad! You do- and these are cute! This Swedish brand was developed by two friends who wanted style and function out of their everyday reading spectacles (who woulda thunk it?) and therefore created See by Us, which carries these classic shaped eye glasses with just the right amount of style (my favorites are of course the yellow “Gatsby”).  

 Up next, Cos: For shame, only available if Europe?!? Err, I am bummed because I instantly fell for these sherbet and soft neutral color combinations with injections of neon.  Cos, also known as “collection of style” sells quality, modern and timeless basics at an affordable price- dammit New York, lets get one-- fast! Check out some of my faves below (but there is more HERE!)

I got the syndrome, do you?

Omgosh, almost forgot today is officially the first day of May (my birthday month) I hope the days go by slooowwwlllyyyy. I'm not ready to be 28.

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