Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey, some things change, some stay the same. One thing that will never change: my favorite country being the Netherlands. And I just found out they are getting their own Vogue!  Did you know that there is a Vogue in 19 different countries? Holland may be the smallest of its counterpart edition holders but will always pack a special punch in my book.  
Check out the new cover:

Info from the Stylist

Upon thinking of “favorites” I have compiled a list of other things I consider most beloved:

color: (right now) magenta
number: 29- no, not age! (for this see below) this was my old soccer jersey
age: 24… oh, to be 24 again!
food: cheese dip and/or chocolate cake
accessory: shoes!!
clothing store: tied between Madewell and Topshop
car: Porsche
time of day: morning (10-12 to be precise)
designer: Stella McCartney
drink: Dr. Pepper, Stoli dirty martini, or chocolate milk (depends on the time of day)
writing utensil: pencil or Sharpie
football team: C-L-E-M-S-O-N runs in the blood…
girl baby name: Liana (I have officially claimed this name- you cant use it!)
male (older): my Dad
male (younger): Ryan Gosling- don’t you remember?
letter: P as in Pressly

Copy, paste and tell me yours! 
Have a happy hump day XXX


  1. color: (right now) aqua
    number: 30
    age: 30
    food: right now brussel sprouts with procuitto (and cheese dip!)
    accessory: shoes or jewelry
    clothing store: Any store that we don't have in Greenville of course but Anthropologie is probably my favorite!
    car: BMW
    time of day: Gym Time (6-7PM every weekday)
    designer: Loving Tori Burch right now
    drink: Grapefruit Crystal light
    writing utensil: Sharpie pen
    football team: C-L-E-M-S-O-N runs in the blood…
    girl baby name: Can't say b/c it is a beautiful southern name and someone will take it!
    male (older): Nathan
    male (younger): At the moment Dustin b/c he is so sweet to help me with my car - savings $300
    letter: K as in Katie

  2. Love your favorites! I must say I am intriqued by your baby name. What is it, what is it?

  3. color: bright green
    number: 4- don't know why, just always has been
    age: 29 (for a few more weeks)
    food: (right now) sargento string mozzarella cheese, weird i know
    accessory: shoes and i have found a new found love for bracelets, mainly bangles
    clothing store: wish we had a Zara (bc i <3) but i LOVE Trunk 13 in Savannah. I order so much from them
    car: realistically: Volvo XC70 wagon, dream: Mercedes SL500 black or midnight blue
    time of day: morning (8-10) or early evening (6-8)
    designer: hmmm... classic- givenchy or chanel, current- LOVE alice + olivia
    drink: water (all day) vodka water with fresh orange slice
    writing utensil: Pilot Precise V5 or V7, or papermate sharp writer pencils (the bouncy ones that turn at the end)
    football team: Carolina & Alabama
    girl baby name: May Bess
    male (older): Tim <3
    male (younger): Blake
    letter: hmmm. i don't think i have a favorite letter...

    This was fun, chop!


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