Friday, April 13, 2012

signature scents

A couple months back I decided I wanted to find a signature scent for myself.  I have never been one to wear a lot of perfume or body spray and was fine with the standard scents from my body wash and lotion.  However, throughout the day, these scents tend to fade- so I wanted to find a longer lasting perfume.  As you know, scents vary from person to person based on ones body chemistry and can smell one way on one person and completely different on the next, so you have to test them on yourself! 

So- I had to do my research.  Generally speaking, “Esprit de Parfum” is the most concentrated (and most expensive/hardest to find) followed by “Eau de Parfum”, “Eau de Toilette” and “Eau de Cologne”.  Concentration affects the intensity and longevity of the scent.  Since these terms are clearly in French- you know I also have to translate- “eau de” means “water” which is solvent with which these aromatic compounds are blended with.  

During a lunch break, my two favorite coworkers (and avid fragrance extrordinars) escorted me to Sephora, were I found an intimidating amount of shelves lined with countless rows of scents.  After many “air pumps” and angry stares I left with only a couple of samples and an unsure disposition.  I had, however squirted one scent on myself- Viktor & Rolf’s “Flowerbomb”.  As the workday progressed, so did the scent on my wrists and I went back the next day to purchase.  I have now confirmed it as my one and only scent- no, it has yet to attract the male attention- but I cant seem to stop smelling myself- that’s what matters, right? Flowerbomb is a combination of jasmine, rose and orchid, with a hint of patchouli (you know I love my florals!) and not to mention- look at the packaging!  Who wouldn’t love a perfume bottle shaped as a hand grenade?

Some of my besties swear by Chloe:

Perfume, like fashion, is a combination of taste, personal preference and self expression.  What’s your signature? 


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