Tuesday, May 15, 2012

zara: may trf lookbook

Zara has been hitting the nail on the head the past few seasons.  As a one of the top contenders in international fast fashion retailing, the Spanish company moves at breakneck speeds to roll out on-trend affordable fashion each week. According the businessweek, they are so fast, the company can go from design concept to store shelf in two weeks.  As someone who works in product development I am telling you: this is fast.  Not to mention, Zara usually has something for everyone and the price is always right.

My dilemma is this: since the temporary closing of the 34th street store I have sadly been banished to shop online or in my rare passing of another inner-city location.  Remember the brand’s winter collection? I nearly bought out the store with my tri-weekly visits, and I am not kidding. Tri-weekly.  This is the May TRF lookbook.  Dainty white lace and bleach denim is the perfect fusion of sexy cool.  Oh yeah, and haven’t you heard? My birthday is this month.  

Just sayin….

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  1. I love that lace skirt! beyond pretty.

    I've been dealing with the temporary closing of the 34th street Zara as well. I always walk by in hopes that it re opened already haha.



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