Tuesday, May 22, 2012

no, i will not reveal my age...

And yet another year passes. To say this was a big year would truly be an understatement. For sure it was a year full of personal growth, much refocusing, some disappointment and pain (literally!) thrown in there. I can hear my Dad now, “Katie, you don’t learn if you don’t fall every once and a while”.  Soooo, I definitely feel “my age” but also am genuinely looking forward to bigger, better years to come.  It seems it was just last week I graduated college, rented a trailer and hauled ass up to NYC.  My how things change and how quickly time passes.  Just to think of the wonderful people in my life puts a smile on my- not quite yet- wrinkled face.  Thank you to everyone for making this day so special. I mean, just check out my desk. As if there was not enough clutter on it already.

With love,


  1. So glad you had a great day- look forward to lots of good things happening for you this year. We love you and I so love your blog!


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