Monday, May 14, 2012

fancy schmancy: nail rock

Some things are almost too good to be true: coffee crème brulee, sequins, champagne (only to name a few).  Nail polish is also one thing I would not want to live without.  In a perfect world, my nails would be a different color everyday (if I had the time, inclination and steady hand)- I love mixing it up.  In come the nail wraps with their long-lasting staying power, chip resistance and intricate designs that simply could not be painted on. Whew! This sure makes life more beautiful.  

“Nail Rock” is one of the biggest nail wrap products on the market right now.  The brand also does “Eye Rock” and “Lip Rock” designs (these being a little too outrageous for most to pull off) but cool nevertheless- not to mention a unique way to accessorize an outfit. “Nail Rock” collaborates with seasonal designers to create these amazing looks and the best part is that they are affordable AND accessible.  All the above designs can be purchased at ASOS for only $11.65!  Most of the styles are limited editions.

Which look would you rock?

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