Monday, May 7, 2012

liberty + dr. martens: two timeless british institutions

Even though Dr. Martens exploded back in the 1960’s, I was not officially introduced until 1996- the first year I was living in Europe.  Back in those days, the company’s classic 8 eyelet smooth leather 1460 was the shoe to wear- day in and day out.  I have had a love for these boots ever since.  The traditional styles are known for the chunky rubber sole and rough and tough worn leather, and rounded toe. This is a product that simply looks better over time.  The more wear and tear, the more authentic.

Now for Liberty of London- the complete opposite of the rebellious army boot brand.  Liberty of London was one of the original luxury department stores along London’s now most popular shopping destination- Regent Street.  As the store (opened in 1875 and still operating) sells a mixed bag of fashion clothing and accessories, gifts, and novelty items, they are most well-known for their Liberty Silks.  Traditionally, Liberty prints are flowery patterns- ditzy and dainty florals in pastel colors.  The company encourages the zeitgeist and has collaborated with many designers and stores over the years.  

Liberty’s newest collaboration is with the ionic Doc, and man, I am thankful. Opposites must attract, because “Wild Nature” is perfect combination of shoe, flower, taste and tradition.

These: I want these, please! UK size 39.  Thanks!

All pics courtesy of Teen Vogue

Oh, most important and forgot to mention.  These styles will be on sale as of June 1st at bother Dr. Martens and Liberty of London.  Sign up for an email reminder like me!


  1. I want uto get me the bucks 1st on blog.. They are too cute! Can u ?

    1. of course i can! i will place the order june 1st... would you like to buy me the boots while we are at it?? :)

      Love you!

    2. Your birthday by chance?

    3. That sounds wonderful, mom. you are the greatest. i should probably go with the flowery ones just to be more "liberty" inspired- dont you think? Definitely in the shape of the red though.


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