Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the official newyorkyost business card

Ok, so I am officially official. I mean- I have business cards. Until my blog, it seemed unnecessary to have a card for self promotion purposes only.  But now I am so happy i finally do!  I ordered my cards online from a place in Utah called Mandate Press.  I worked with Sky to get the formatting right (as I am NOT a graphic designer and have no idea what a compressed 1200 DPI image is supposed to look like)- but she helped me work out the kinks and I think they look amazing!!  They arrived yesterday in cute packaging too! I definitely recommend these guys for personal design letterpress business cards- and they are affordable! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

sebastian wahl: kaleidscope

New York City based artist Sebastian Wahl has created these amazing kaleidoscope images from a collection of images. Inspired by the Manhattan streets, he separates these images with clear resin to create this 3 dimensional effect.

Keep representing for NYC!

Images c/o Trendland

Friday, January 27, 2012

sh*t fashion girls say: part one and two

Be prepared to crack up.

gucci: a little floral for ya

Happy Friday! I have taken the day off of work to do some things around my apartment and do some work.  Getting inspired for my weekend with this Gucci collection.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

to my true love. kisses ryan gosling.

Drop the Eva Mendez act- we both know she is too old for you.  Think about it- you and me- not just you and me right now. You and me forever- kids and shit. If you were with me, no one on the streets would even recognize you. I will call you "Steve"- you can call me, well,  whatever you want. We could ride the subway uptown, downtown, any town. We could buy a townhouse in Brooklyn and I could decorate it with my fabulous interior design taste, you could decorate it with your self. We could have one boy (spitting image of you, of course) and one girl (a nice combination of us both).  When you are on location, I  will travel with you to London and Paris and tell you how wonderful you are between takes. At night (oh at night!) you can put on your navy suit from "Ides of March" and we can practice your lines- how ever many times it takes to get them right (or just for fun if we must!) In the morning, I will prepare for you a healthy breakfast to help you keep those oh so perfect abdominals. After a long day in the the drivers seat- or whatever that day may bring- I will massage your sore muscles; no, you devil- your back muscles!

I'm not normally one to rush into things. But with you things are different.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

five pointz: lic, queens

Over the weekend I visited 5pointz in Long Island City, Queens for the first time. I had heard about this spot from a friend of mine who had been last time she was in NYC and showed me some amazing pictures- I couldn’t wait to see it for myself!  Established in 1993 to discourage vandalism and encourage good vibes among the five boroughs this building has become the hub for local and international graffiti artists.  The word on the street is that city officials want to tear down this amazing landmark and turn it into luxury condos- I am beginning my petition against this today!  The best part about living in the city is that it has artistic outlets for all of our creative geniuses. Ch-che-chec-chec-check-check it out.

This guy had traveled from Canada to tag.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

allie's: the truth about living in nyc

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My girlfriend Allie and I are constantly discussing blogging and topics/content that we share- however until this weekend I had never really “followed” her. I mean, she is one of my best friends, so of course I already knew she was awesome- but when I started reading through, I found myself laughing hysterically and thinking to myself “OMG- so true” . What I hadnt realized about my friend is what an amazing writer she is! Thanks, Allie- for these words of wisdom.

1. You will pay more than your parents mortgage for a TINY studio apartment. Unless you get bunk beds or put up a makeshift wall- living with roommates can be even more expensive.  Your dorm room will seem like a mansion compared to your city corridors.  The kitchen will be in your living room making it nearly impossible to cook. Bed sheets smelling like whatever was festering in the oven? No thanks.

2. You will have to date in order to survive on all of the major food groups. When I moved to New York, I joined match.com just to get a meal. The $40 monthly fee more than made up for the nightly meals and drinks. There are enough men in the city that you can also get creative with lunches and coffee dates.  Don’t get me wrong-I dated to find an amazing companion. However being a budget conscious girl in the fashion industry- the numerous dinners were always a perk.

3. You will drink way too much. True story. Every activity in the city is centered on some sort of cocktail. Since we work hard, we play hard. Apartments are too small to entertain, so we all meet at the bar.  We also brunch every Sunday. It is a sport. Endless mimosas are a common occurrence. 

4. You will notice that all of the girls around you are obscenely skinny. Thanks to numbers 2 and 3 mentioned above, you must figure out a way to work off the “city 15” that everyone seems to gain. Champagne and martinis seems to be the diet of choice.

5. You will realize that dating in the city is HARD. There are twice as many single girls as guys. To guys in the city, the world is their playground. They make the money, they have the fun. Just be sure to get a good wholesome meal every now and then from them in return for spending time with your beautiful self.  (please note- there are some good ones out there).

6. You will count your pennies. You will get paid nothing for a job that works countless hours, creates countless stresses and countless sleepless nights. However, you will love what you do.

7. You will always have bags under your eyes. While the New York women always seem “chic”, check out the working girls on the subway at 7pm. We all have dark circles, matted hair and are usually sick with whatever virus we picked up at the gym that week.

8. You will invest in a gym membership that is obscenely expensive and rarely used. Apparently, the gym is THE place to see and be seen. Every New Yorker is training for the marathon, perfect body, or perfect date that they are expecting to have next weekend. However, no-one ever works out as much as they advertise. Half of the city carries around yoga mats purely for show.

9. You will live out of your purse.

10. Hunter wellies are not just a fashion statement. They are a necessity when there is a forecast of any precipitation.

11. You will start to yell at tourists.

12. You will realize that city life is hard. Carrie Bradshaw is not living the New York dream. There are days when you will bawl your eyes out for being so alone. There are days you will want to rip your hair out on the subway. There are days where checking your bank account will make you nauseous. However, this is the price that we pay for living in one of the most magical places on earth. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

ladies set your alarms...

 And get to target on February 5th!  The past few target collabs have been great, but this one I believe will be my favorite.  Jason Wu  has designed this modern prep for Target collection- lets see if this will sell out faster than Missoni.  I love the looks with the top button buttoned and the short socks with heels. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

maurie & eve: fall 2012

I am dying for these styles from Australian designer Maurie and Eve's winter 2012 lookbook. The outfits are so effortlessly chic.  Ah.mazing.