Monday, March 26, 2012


bead stringing wire (I used .024” )- this is coated in nylon which makes it sturdier than normal wire so it wont break as easily
small pliers
wire cutters
jewelry spikes (I used mixed sizes and finishes)
metal hair comb

Cut 2ft of wire (this should be enough, however rather safe than sorry so if you think you need more for your comb, allow for some wastage).

At the first tooth on your comb, thread the wire in between the teeth and tie a double knot, tightening each with your pliers so it is secure.  Trim the short edge only, as the long strand will be used for wrapping.

Begin threading the spikes onto the wire.  I thread three spikes and then wrapped around a tooth (you could use more or less depending on the look you would like to achieve). Make sure you wrap tightly and try not to allow any slack in the wire.  Continue wrapping spikes around each tooth until you have reached the other end on the comb.

Tie another double knot, again tightening each with your pliers. Twist ends together, trim and tuck into the spikes (so that the wires do not scratch your head).

WIN IT!: if you don’t have 15 minutes to make your own, comment on this post and you could win the comb made for this tutorial! Don’t forget to include your email!

Happy Monday!


  1. Are your friends allowed to win?!?

    1. Duh! I want my friends to win. Think I am drawing on Friday. Who know- you may be the only one to comment! XOXO

  2. Don't give it to Emily! She'll abuse me with it!!! It's actually pretty cool, though. If I tried to make one it would look like something from a fishing tackle box.

    1. One of the two of you are going to win it. i am flipping a coin tomorrow :)

  3. I wish I would have seen this sooner!

  4. me, too, peas! damn. guess we should have a craft and wine night and make our own...


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