Monday, April 23, 2012

playing catch up.

I’M BAAACCKKKK J yeah, yeah, it’s been awhile, I know.  A lot went down last week/weekend and I am finally getting back into my normal groove. No details are really needed here- those who need to know, know- not to mention a little off topic as this is my style blog.  BUT, I will say this boys and girls: “always wear a helmet when riding your bike”.  This may not have affected my case too much but may have made my life this past week slightly more bearable after my make out session with the pavement.

What was wondrous about this past week was having my momma with me without the pressure of having something to do every moment of everyday (her typical NYC trip: shopping- here, there, uptown, downtown, midtown, the straight road to pure exhaustion– you get it).  Reversely, we spent most of our time together lounging, talking, watching Marilyn movies, laughing (very softly and gently as not to disturb my achy ribs) flipping through magazines, and of course: eating and drinking (us Yost’s cant do much of anything without including the latter two).  Mom tore through my apartment with her organizational expertise and literally left her mark in every cabinet in the kitchen, every bookshelf and every dresser drawer leaving nearly no stone unturned (except I didn’t let her near my closet- no, I cant get rid of anything in there- I NEED it all!!)

Long story short, things in my world are up and running again and of course all that free time on the couch allowed those creative juices to flow and now have tons of new blog posts for you, my friends.  After I get more organized (can you believe I am still not organized?) I will show you what I mean.  For now, I have to catch up. What’s been happening in the fashion world? I know I am trying to bring back the “beaten look” (a little sling, a little black eye, a couple of broken bones) haven’t you heard-  rough and tough is always in style.  Love ya, happy to be back. XXX

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