Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the art of layering jewelry

Layering jewelry is a fine art.  It can look really awesome or really tacky depending on how it’s done.  The key here is to focus on one area (neck, wrists, fingers, etc).  Jewelry trends come and go, and certain silhouettes are often more popular than others. I am currently over big earrings and tend to do more arm candy or shiny rings.  That being said, jewelry is always the last step of putting together my outfits and very much depends on what I have chosen to wear on that particular day- some days, this means next to nothing, other days I pile it on. 

If you are layering necklaces, wear small studs, and/or just a couple of rings
If you are layering bracelets, limit your rings and stick with simple necklace/earrings combos
If you are layering rings, go without bracelets and sparse around the neck and ear area
Don’t be afraid to mix your metals (BUT….) if you are doing this, do is all over- not just in one area
Combine sleek, smooth metal finishes with your Grandmothers cameo/ vintage and antiqued pieces for a modern hippy look

For more helpful hints, watch this awesome video from LEAF- right here, found on because i'm addicted.
Above images from Free People.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

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