Thursday, March 15, 2012

intergalactic space odyssey

Have you ever been inspired by the moon and the stars? I know I have- even though the stars are rather difficult to see here in NY J  During the summer, I love to climb up the fire escape and hang out on the roof- look out at the city and up at the sky- maybe even listen to old school Beastie Boys...   Whether it was the Beastie Boys or outer space, Leitmotiv was inspired too, as you can gather from these galaxy printed fabrics.  Light years have become psychedelic in the designer’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection which is titled “L’ Universo Elegnate”. What do you think of the cats?

I have to also add a little encouraging saying here.  I have the below pic as my wallpaper on my iPad. Love!

Have a great Thursday! 

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