Tuesday, April 24, 2012

time for more diy

All that time at home got me thinking about projects that need to be tackled.  Yes, of course going through the areas my mom was not allowed to touch (my closet, under my bed- she would have died if she looked under there!- and boxes upon boxes, upon boxes of shoes).  But also forward thinking to what’s to come with Spring and how I can incorporate some of the pieces I have had forever and spicing things up with some newness. This can be done every easily with accessories! And as a girl on a tight budget, finding these inspiration pictures sure sparked some interest.  As a jewelry designer, I know that during Fall/Winter months, bracelets trend less than say a necklace, earring, ring, etc.  This is due to the fact that people are wearing longer sleeves and heavier coats, (have you ever tried to put on a coat with an arm full of bangles?- not fun)  Now that our arms can finally escape the shackles of our sleeves (not this week in NY- but maybe this weekend? Brrr!)  We can experiment with some extra wrist candy or add to our “arm party” as my friend Libby puts it.  Don’t you remember when I talked about layering jewels here?

Luckily at work, we have tons of these pre-made friendship bracelets lying around- who has time to make those things anymore? The fun part is adding the embellishments anyway.  If you haven’t been living in a bubble for the last month or so, you will know that a lot of stores are also carrying friendship bracelets for super cheap- Asos anyone?  As you can see- I did not detail out instructions for each of these three styles (click here for that) but, maybe you have some pieces hanging around that you can update too– hey, take some time to look around, and be creative!  Most of these parts can easily be found online or at your local fabric and trim store- but if you are having a hard time- just shoot me an email and I will try my best to help!

Just another shout out: thank you or the inspiration Honestly WTF!

Bracelet 1:

Bracelet 2:

Bracelet 3:

Wear them all together, all at the same time.   This is the recipe to a happy Tuesday!


  1. I love these also! I have some old friendship bracelets that I may bust out but am going to have to look for some "trim" - and might have to get you send me some... I love the bright one with the spikes!


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