Thursday, March 8, 2012

icy cold at chanel, but not in new york

Hello, 65 degree weather, thanks for stopping by today- I’ve been desperate for some Vitamin D- and my legs, desperate for some fresh air!  Oh how I would love to take today and spend it outside soaking up the sun rather than at my desk staring at the computer screen.  I am happy, however it is the start of Spring and (fingers crossed) the weather will only get warmer- next winter will seeming light years away.  All the ice at Chanel’s show in Paris did however send me a shiver. Sequins, crystals, and jewel toned embellishments proved- yet again- that Mr. Lagerfeld is truly the utmost avant-garde designers when it come to turning his runway shows into true spectacles. One of my dreams would to be in attendance. 

Images courtesy of because i'm addicted and honestly wtf

Have a warm and happy day!

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