Monday, March 5, 2012

to my sister: happy birthday!

I cannot believe that today, March 5th 2012, my big sister is turning thirty years old.  I laugh when I think back and remember us sleeping in the guest bed together. She was so mean to me if I “crossed the line”- the imaginary division that split the bed in two.  I didn’t care- like most younger siblings, I would do pretty much anything to get a rise out of her.  She hated when I tried to wrestle her (which was often, mostly more like kicking and usually ended in defeat)- how were her legs so much stronger than mine? High school came and I wasn’t allowed to speak to her- let alone speak to her friends.  I was never allowed to like anything she had, or more importantly own the same thing, as this was considered copying.  One thing we did usually agree upon was music- rap music- and we would struggle to get all the lyrics right. Yeah, we were little rappers.  But the second I slipped on a word- or said the wrong word- I got this look like I was the dumbest kid on the face of the earth- I SWEAR Pac said rhymes, not dimes!  I envied her for her long, thick red hair which people always ooed and awed was so beautiful.  Hey- what about me!!  We certainly found it hard to agree and were in a constant battle. That being said, I simply couldn’t imagine life without my big sister- the fights, the crying, the making up, and then the most fun.  My love for her is immeasurable and I cant think of another person I would want to speak to on any given day but her. Your growing up sis- you with your house, your husband and your awesome job.  Cross my heart, and hope to die- I love you forever!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. Loved your shout-out to Pressly. I was just telling my walking buddies about y'all
    and "she crossed the line". One of our neighbors has a line in the middle of their drive...guess that means no crossing the line!
    Wish you could have been here for the bd. dinner!
    Love you -mom


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