Wednesday, June 20, 2012

fiona apple is my soul mate

How does she always get it so right? Her first album in 7 years dropped yesterday.

I grew up on this shit.  Literally. Her first album was released in 1996, and I was instantly captivated by her sound and incredible lyrics.  Captivated being the key word here. She has a unique way of sounding through her lyrics with the accellerating and swelling of her voice.  And her long awaited album does not disappoint.  Apple’s lyrics on the new album are compelling and much like her preceding albums is very raw and very real.

I felt obliged to make a list of each album so surely you don’t miss a beat.

Released 1996

1. Sleep to Dream
2. Sullen Girl
3. Shadowboxer
4. Criminal
5. Slow like Honey
6. The First Taste
7. Never is a Promise
8. The Child is Gone
9. Pale September
10. Carrion

When the Pawn
Released 1999

1. On the Bound
2. To Your Love
3. Limp
4. Love Ridden
5. Paper Bag
6. A Mistake
7. Fast As You Can
8. The way things Are
9. Get Gone
10. I Know

Extraordinary Machine
Released 2005

1. Extraordinary Machine
2. Get Him Back
3. O’Sailor
4. Better Version of Me
5. Tymps (Sick in the Head Song)
6. Parting Gift
7. Window
8. Oh Well
9. Please Please Please
10. Red Red Red
11. Not About Love
12. Waltz (Better Than Fine)

The Idler Wheel
Released 2012

1. Every Single Night
2. Daredevil
3. Valentine
4. Jonathan
5. Left Alone
6. Werewolf
8. Regret
9. Anything We Want
10. Hot Knife

Get it. Know it. Love it.

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  1. I wonder, what if her soulmate isn't famous? She'd never meet him. Maybe he was the guy at her show. Maybe I'm him. If only we'd blindly turn the same corner...


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