Friday, April 27, 2012

crisp as a new twenty...

As New Yorkers we are constantly flooded with advertisements.  Am I they only one who has noticed they are now putting ads on the outside of the train? I mean, come on now, sometimes it just becomes too much (almost).  However- I have become a sucker for the current ads surfacing the interior walls of the subway.  Cole Haan has focused its Summer 2012 ad campaign around the best city in the US- NYC of course- highlighting the hectic lifestyles which we live.  I just love the poetic phrases that match back to the images- now my everyday ballads I mean, really- don’t these little quotations describe us New Yorkers to the T?

All images taken from Cole Haan (click here!)

Another little sonnet that spoke to me which is not on there website but I jotted it down from the ad:

Every morning
Step out
Crisp as a new twenty

So, off to a weekend of pure R and R (no bike riding = no accidents!)
Damn I really do love New York….


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