Friday, April 6, 2012

a redneck weekend

“Rustre”.  This is redneck in French.  I’m not going to lie, I definitely have a little red running through me (hey, I’m from the south…).  Maybe that’s why I liked this editorial in Elle France so much.  A little hair net, a lot of makeup, a little too much snake skin- these are things us folks in New York may call trashy.  Elle France makes it classy. From the always reliable FGR.

The weekend forecast as of 9:56 AM:

Weekend agenda:

Sunday afternoon must consist of some quality time in front of the TV watching the best sporting event of the season: The Master's Tournament at Augusta National.  Looks like y'all will have some lovely golfing weather!

Endless hours outdoors working on my base tan. Hey- you gotta start somewhere right?  The reflection of the sun off my pale ass skin should penetrate soon enough.

Wa, wa, wa- yes, it is Easter weekend, but I have to find a roommate.  Therefore this means making sure my apartment is in order and requires some casual entertaining- maybe some cookies could be enticing to potential renters- banana softies anyone?

Oh yeah. I get to leave work early today, woot, woot!  Agnes and I are planning on doing some exploration around the city.  My Time Out New York highlights some new spots that look interesting- ever heard of Earls Beer and Cheese?? Hummm- beer. cheese. Whats not to love?

Lay off the crafts. Overdosing never did anyone any good.  Plus, I have to keep things interesting!

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