Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's only wednesday?

I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve miss you, really- I have just been sooo busy.  Between work, French class, homework, trying to find a roomie, etc., etc., etc. I can barely keep up!  Yesterday I went to New Jersey and didn’t see a computer screen all day!  I know, I know- I told you hereI never go to New Jersey- but hey. This was for my job.  Not that I was forced- being out of the office to spend the day at the mall is not all that bad J  In the morning I traveled out to Garden State Plaza- which I believe might be the largest mall I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot of malls).  It seemed to go on forever. And ever. And ever. So… we were jewelry shopping, of course, and picked up some real beauties to work on for our Spring 2013 line. Disclose our ideas? Bahahaha. I think not but we have some good ones. Since I cant show you what we bought (because I would have to kill you)- check out Beverly Semmes, an NY based artist who uses large scale clothing to creates these unique installations.  Her work has been shown all around the globe and is in the permanent collections of one of my favorites: the Whitney. Anyways, off to another long busy day.  Hope you have a good one.


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  1. Can you do a post on when it is appropriate to wear boots in the spring/summer, what to wear them with, etc.


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