Thursday, April 5, 2012

a night to remember

 I am in love. Seriously, this relationship has been going on for a while now and Tuesday night took it to a whole new level. An out of this world, heart in my throat, butterflies in my stomach obsessive compulsive type of love.  After a fifth of vodka in Union Square (illegal you say? No- we had cups J) Suzy and I made our way to Webster Hall- full on British accents an all. I took a few pictures, but spent most of the time dancing my ass off and singing at the top of my lungs…. Long story short, I am just now starting to feel like myself again.  If you ever- I mean ever, have the opportunity- GO SEE SBTRKT! Listen to the video I posted a while back here.

Happy Thursday- One more day til the what's supposed to be a lovely weekend here in NYC!

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  1. it looks like so much fun - great post!


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