Friday, February 3, 2012

reasons i love nyc

On June 15th, 2012 I will have officially lived in the city for 4 years. Since my first trip to the big apple back in 2002- it has been my dream to live and establish my career in this amazing city.  Finally, I am convinced that I, Katie Yost am a New Yorker.  Now, let me just clarify. You do not have to be born and raised in this great city to be a “New Yorker”.  However, this is not a hobby- this is a commitment and taken very seriously- it requires endless hours of observation and years of dedication.  A true “New Yorker” knows when he or she has finally crossed over.  This is when you never have to look at the map/your phone to get somewhere, you cant go anywhere without your headphones, and you never, ever have any reason to go to New Jersey. Now, please understand - one misstep could cause you to be considered a “tourist” for life. Ahh, but this is the life. I love you, NYC.

Reasons why I love NY:
Early Fridays
Rooftops in the summertime
Street style inspiration (here we have it all- the good, the bad and the really ugly)
Being the first footsteps in the snow
Bike riding along the Westside Highway
Cheap pizza every other block
The BYOB Indian restaurants with a million lights
You can have entire weekends without leaving your apt
Inexpensive, and totally high-quality mani-pedis
Subway surfing (this is a difficult sport which involves balancing on the train while it is in motion)
The most interesting subway performances
The hole in the wall bodega with out of this world food
Red Mango- yes, red mango- not pinkberry
Its ok to call that guy with a golf umbrella on the sidewalk an asshole if you want to
Brooklyn Happy Hours
The lights that decorate the city streets during the holidays
Movies at Bryant Park (don’t forget your wine bottles) - an oldie but goodie tradition
Pedestrians always have the right of way
You can go anywhere in the world without leaving the city
Spring and Summer nights
The best coffee joints in the world
Restaurant Week!
Um, yes- we started the pickle back phenomenon
Shopping on Broadway in Soho

And....  To my loving and adoring mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Have a great Friday!

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  1. Thanks for birthday wishes! Subway surfing? Red mango?


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