Thursday, July 5, 2012


Beer drinking, football throwing, table sawing, skateboarding: whatever it may be, I have always been one that can definitely “keep up with the boys”.

I don’t cry when I fall down, I’m not freaked out by blood, and I am NOT a wimp. Period.  I was always told I needed to be a “tough cookie” in order to “stay in the game”.  What can I say? I learn from the best (duh, my Dad wanted me to be a boy).  And, no, I am not a lesbian.

In this editorial from Cass & Candice (via Wolf CubChronicles), you can see this bitch could bust some ass if she wanted to too. 

Oh, and if you need even further style direction on how to be a tomboy, follow this boyish blog: TOMBOY Style here.

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