Thursday, July 26, 2012

tennis anyone?

I am constantly compiling lists. Grocery lists, lists of bills, lists of “things to do” and “places to check out”.  My favorite lists are lists of music- tunes people recommend, bands I read reviews about in magazines, or random songs that resonate and I feel need to hear more.  This list is continuous and it will never end.  I can’t stand to listen to the same shit all the time- I have to keep my playlist fresh (you should know this from here and here).  Tennis was on my most recent list and I can’t stop playing it.  They have two albums- the first EP “Cape Dory” released in 2011- the light lyrics and musical ebbs and flows mimic the duo’s sailing trip along the east coast. “South Carolina” is of course the best track on the album because “the morning breeze is my favorite part” and I “carry South Carolina deep in my heart”.  The second, “Young and Old”, released earlier this year, is equally as awesome as its predecessor but more modern, more mature. 

Download here or listen to it here and get to playing Tennis!

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