Wednesday, July 18, 2012

beantown: the official pics

Went to Cheers for a cold one. Nobody knew my name.

Yes, we are drinking Jager on the sidewalk.  Mom would be so proud....

The whole crew

For everyone who is wondering (my Mom specifically) Boston was, as I said before, ah-mazing. Friday we got in late and didn’t meet up with everyone until after midnight. The bars close at 2AM there, and as I was traveling with 4 other New Yorkers, so you should know- we don’t get tired at 2! So we spent some time wandering back to the hotel, being buzzed from the booze, the city, and the excitement of seeing old friends.  Saturday I broke out early to explore and took all these artsy pictures. It was sooo hot, and there was sooo much to see, but excluding Fenway Park, I’d say I made it around nicely.  Saturday night was the “main event” this is when things got a little crazy. Yes, there was dancing on tables (no, not me!) and drinking on the sidewalk (this I participated in), among other havoc being reeked- come on, we lived in HOLLAND for christs sake. It was also the time to catch up with everyone and find out what’s been happening for the last 10-15 years.  This was the most fun- everyone is doing such different things: traveling the world, working for the greater good, getting married, having babies…  A genuinely well-rounded, group of young people (um, hello- we went to ASH). When you live in a foreign country and go to an American School like we did, people are always coming and going, here one year- gone the next sort of thing.  But it was as if we all knew each other as if it was yesteryear and reminiscing was so entertaining.

So this week I am coasting along- still high from an awesome weekend, and thinking what city the next event will be….

For my FB friends wondering, I will post more of the group later. XOXOX


  1. Looks like so much fun! The bars close at 2 am here in PA too. Isn't that bullshit!?


  2. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next. Check out my blog, we should follow each other!!
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