Wednesday, July 11, 2012

high school reunion

Friday I will be leaving for Boston- for get this- my 10 year high school reunion (WHATTT??).  I loved Romy and Michelle’s High School reunion, and have no plans of making up lies about what I do, but will I be so proud?  Some of these people I have not seen in 15 years- but went to school with the graduating class.  Certainly a lot has changed since then. One thing we share is that we were all expats living in the Nederland’s during our teenage years- something that makes our association unique to all others and creates an everlasting bond.

This Fall 2012 campaign from DSquared2 makes me wonder if they were passing out superlatives on Saturday, which one I would get. What makes you superlative?


  1. Such a crazy thought-10 years! I love this campaign, its so badass. I love your blog as well! My superlative in high school was Best Musician. I really don't know how that happened, anyways thanks for your comment, I'm now following!


  2. great pics!



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