Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hipsters vs. rednecks

Oh, the hipster genre.  Over the weekend I found myself at quite a few hipster-esque events.  I mean basically if you go anywhere in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side you are immediately surrounded with these just-rolled-out-of-bed clones. So, I began thinking… what is really the difference between a hipster and a redneck? As a southern girl, I am also quite familiar with the redneck.  I grew up with these back-country, down-to-earth, beer drinking ladies and gents.  Not saying that I have a particular preference to one or the other (however secretly leaning toward by hillbilly roots) I can’t help but notice the two’s common ground when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.  Hear me out…

Just look at the similarities:
Camo (one that I personally indulge in regularly) and army green
PBR and other canned domestics beers and, oh yeah, whiskey
Fu-manchus (otherwise known as the “handle bar” mustache) among other excessive facial hair
Buffalo plaids, hand-me-down tee shirts (i.e. shopping at goodwill) and cutoff denim
Tattoos. More tattoos. And more tattoos.
Mullets, need I say more?

Sunday morning I stumbled upon Grit-N-Glory on Orchard Street, LES and discovered something I could not live with out.  This Bandit Brand tee.  No, not because I’m a hipster (far from it) but because I am a Southern girl- duh, and I really do like these things (guns, beer, fishing). Who cares if you aren’t a country cousin or a downtown scenester, you can still shop these awesome tees and look cool. No strings or stereotypes attached, promise.

However, I feel it must be said: This website proves my point. All images from Bandit Brand.

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  1. I think that in the summer (particularly in the countryside) I crave this vibe.




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