Friday, June 15, 2012

my new york love letter

Dear New York,

Here we are as yet another year passes.  I can’t believe how far we have come, can you? Of course there are always those things you do that make me love you more than ever. And, there are those times you make me want to scream (and/or cry)!  That’s what happens when you are in love- right?  There is something about your busy streets and bright lights that puts a sparkle in my eye, and butterflies in my stomach.  Just thinking of us makes me happy and when I am with you, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  Many of my fondest memories are of us together.  Although we have both made our fair share of mistakes; you- when you raised my rent and put me out for a month; and me- when I took advantage of you late night on the LES (you remember the time). But what would our time together mean if we didn’t have these memories to reminisce over? Of course, these questions are rhetorical- and I don’t expect you to respond.  However- if you did, I imagine you would tell me just how much you love me too. Our boozy summer nights, dreamy Sunday mornings, and nested wintry days have made our relationship what it is today.

You have taught me many things: how to face disappointment without fear, how to overcome adversary; All things that have made me better and stronger. I love discovering you, letting go with you, creating once-in-a-lifetime memories with you. After all, it is said that "true love" is boundless and immeasurable. And I believe it.

Even if we don’t stay together forever, you will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Happy four year anniversary- and too many more!!!

Love Always, 

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