Friday, June 8, 2012

sounds swimmingly

So I hear the McCarren Park Pool is opening up soon (June 28th, if you are wondering). The swimming pool will accommodate 1,500 swimmers. Sounds heavenly… 1,500 people splashing around in a warm basin of chlorine.  As I am itching to insert myself in a large body of water; I don’t think this is my best solution.  I would much rather be in a pool or river or ocean without a million other people around- couture dress optional (however preferably a swimsuit would be involved). Feline Blush now presents their first couture collection, “Wonderland Couture”.  The four dresses are chiffon and satin with lace detailing and they are divine.

Enjoy your weekend, in or out of the water.
Images via FGR (of course).

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