Monday, June 11, 2012

pure americana

Ahh, the American Flag. It seems to be trending lately, and I think it’s grand.

What better place to represent the true American summer day than spending it on the sandy beaches of Coney Island? Ever been there? I have taken friends there and they look at me in pure disgust. I, on the other hand, laugh about seeing some of the most amazing scenes -ever- there.  Where else in the country can an overweight adult wearing white underwear as a swimsuit, children using a tampon applicator as a small shovel, and maxi-pads are floating beside you in the ocean?  I know, it’s pretty gross, but in the height of summertime in this city, this is what you will find at the end of the F and D lines.

Shocking to me? Why of course! I grew up on the beautiful beaches on South Carolina. But when you move to NYC, things just don’t faze you as much.   That being said, check out the newest Free People’s patriotic lookbook on the ole’ American landmark- that make it look much prettier than the real thing...

BTW... I love those Converse!!!

Images from FGR


  1. Les tenues sont superbes! J'aime beaucoup!!!

    Angela Donava

  2. i've never been to coney island but I adore this lookbook, it definitely gives the illusion that it's a nice place!


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