Tuesday, February 21, 2012

gdb's bday: the odeon

Obsessions: food, drinks, and of course family.  Last week, my Aunt and Grandfather came to visit NYC for my GDB’s (78th!) birthday. I was only able to catch up with them one night over their visit- but I must say- the night was awesome. 

So here is the deal about when my grandfather comes to town: he likes to hit the same places he has been going to for forever- and he rarely, rarely, tries new places (you know how old people are- no offense GDB!).  The point is- this was not my first time going to the Odeon.  Back in 2002 my GDad bought me a ticket to NYC in celebration of my high school graduation (and if you knew me back then, then you would know this was definitely something worth celebrating)!  This was back when Sex and the City was all the rage and I ordered my first Cosmopolitan which was served in the coolest, most cosmo of martini glasses (and without proper identification- hey, this is a fancy restaurant).  I don’t know why this has always been a detail that I cant seem to forget- but the glass was a round bowl with shaved ice in it- and the V part of the martini sat down in this perfect little ice chamber, so that the drink was always super cold.  Needless to say The Odeon no longer serves their martinis in these glasses, but still delivers in the nostalgia department.

Another night to remember, I finally got to meet the talented Michel- the frenchman who stole the heart of our long time family friend Janie.  We discussed photography, food, and exchanged old stories and I felt like a legit adult (yall know I don’t get to go out like that often- instead at home with take out). So, the evening was magnificent to say the least- and the food- even better. Thank you Auntie Anna, for a wonderful meal.

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