Friday, September 21, 2012

fashion in music history

So of course we know the songs, but don’t you also remember the outfits too? They are almost as legendary as the music, almost.  Check out these geometric images from High Snob.  As you know I am working in a new industry, the music industry, and its so different over here.  There are parties, events, free stuff, lunches (and dinners!) and the people actually like each other, who wudda thunk it?!?  Quite refreshing coming from a very different background in fashion.  And hey- we are still fashionable too!

Last night one of our vendors had a event to celebrate the opening of one of their new East Coast distribution centers.  There were mini crabcakes, shrimp cocktail, cocktails, and tee-shirts. Oh yeah, and Bruce Jenner, you know, Kim and Kourtney's dad- but also the winner of the '76 track and field Olympic Games. He talked about his inspiration, his goals (past and present) among his 10 children and other things.  All-in-all an interesting night with a great view and a great crew.  I love my co-workers!

Have a wonderful weekend- until next week.  Xx

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